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Our large range of Tubeclamp (Allen key cast type) complements our Chain Link Netting and panels.



Fencing-Tube Clamp Short Tee-type 101

Tube Clamp Short Tee – Type 101

Fencing-Tube Clamp Long Tee-Type 104

Tube Clamp Long Tee – Type 104

Fencing-Tube Clamp 3 Way Through-Type 116

Tube Clamp 3 Way Through – Type 116

Fencing-Tube Clamp 2 Socket Cross-Type 119

Tube Clamp 2 Socket Cross – Type 119

Fencing-Tube Clamp Variable Elbow 15-60-type 124

Tube Clamp Variable Elbow 15°-60° – Type 124

Fencing-Tube Clamp 2 Way 90 Elbow-Type125

Tube Clamp 2 Way 90° Elbow – Type 125

Fencing-Tube Clamp 3 Way 90 Elbow-Type 128

Tube Clamp 3 Way 90° Elbow – Type 128

Fencing-Tube Clamp Base Flange-Type 131

Tube Clamp Base Flange – Type 131

Fencing-Tube Clamp Railing Base Flange-Type 132

Tube Clamp Railing Base Flange – Type 132

Fencing-Tube Clamp Ground Socket-Type134

Tube Clamp Ground Socket – Type 134

Fencing-Tube Clamp Clamp on Tee-Type 135

Tube Clamp On Tee – Type 135

Fencing-Tube Clamp Gate Eye-Type 138

Tube Clamp Gate Eye – Type 138

Fencing-Tube Clamp Gate Hinge-Type 140

Tube Clamp Gate Hinge – Type 140

Fencing-Tube Clamp Handrail Bracket-T

Tube Clamp Handrail Bracket – Type 143

Fencing-Tube Clamp Internal Swivel Tee-Type147

Tube Clamp Internal Swivel Tee – Type 147

Fencing-Tube Clamp Short Swivel Tee-Type 148

Tube Clamp Short Swivel Tee – Type 148

Fencing-Tube Clamp Sleeve Joint-Type 149

Tube Clamp Sleeve Joint – Type 149

Fencing-Tube Clamp Internal Joint-Type 150

Tube Clamp Internal Joint – Type 150

Fencing-Tube Clamp 90 Cosssover-Type 161

Tube Clamp 90° Crossover – Type 161

Fencing-Tube Clamp Doubel Swivel Combination-Type 167

Tube Clamp Double Swivel Combination – Type 167

Fencing-Tube Clamp Double Male Section Swivel-Type167M

Tube Clamp Double Male Section Of Swivel – Type 167M

Fencing-Tube Clamp 90 Corner Swivel Male Sec-Type 168M

Tube Clamp 90° Corner Swivel Male Section – Type 168M

Fencing-Tube Clamp Swivel Base-Type 169

Tube Clamp Swivel Base – Type 169

Fencing-Tube Clamp Single Swivel Combo-Type173

Tube Clamp Single Swivel Combination – Type 173

Fencing-Tube Clamp Tee with Centre Outlet-Type 176

Tube Clamp Tee With Centre Outlet – Type 176


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