Purpose and Values

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Our Purpose


To create a stronger New Zealand by helping our customers, communities and people succeed.


Our products and their high quality make the infrastructure and construction in New Zealand stronger.

When we help our customers succeed, we’re helping them grow their businesses, which makes New Zealand stronger.

When we help our communities succeed it’s by being a good neighbour, by contributing and growing them, and that makes New Zealand stronger.

And we help you guys succeed, by treating you right, backing you, and giving all of us jobs and livelihood to be proud of, that makes us all part of a strong New Zealand.

Join our team. 



Celebrate Success.

This is the value of a business that takes pride in its performance, and its people – it’s the opposite of tall poppy syndrome.


 Win Fair, Win Together.

We’re up front about wanting to win, but we’re not going to win at all costs. This is a team, we all win or lose together, and we’re going to win right.


 Personal and Professional.

Be yourself at work but bring your A-game and keep it professional.

 Own It.

We take responsibility for what we do, we don’t pass the buck or the blame, or leave things for someone else to get to.