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Here at Asmuss, we are all about the people. We are very lucky to have some of the best in the industry working for us, as well as significantly experienced employees to teach our new recruits how to be Asmuss through and through.

The "real" people we have on board are encouraged to take ownership and accountability for their work. You aren't likely to be micro-managed at Asmuss because we have high expectations of all our employees. We expect that you will get on with delivering results.

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A large number of our senior managers and technical experts have worked their way from the ground up, so they know our business inside and out. We are committed to finding more brilliant people who are going to live and breathe Asmuss like we do and will support them in achieving outstanding results which we can be proud of.

Most of our roles are advertised internally to give our team the opportunity to develop. If they aren't quite ready for the next step we do what we can to support them in getting to where they want to be.

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Wellness Program

We have a Wellness programme that recognises the importance of providing a healthy and safe workplace.

We have a diverse workforce (from school leavers to some who have been with us for over 30 years) and we understand that different benefits appeal to different people.

We continuously review our Wellness Programme to ensure our benefits support our people.

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